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Why Do I Need to Outsource My RCM Business?

Outsourcing the Revenue Management Cycle has been proven to create a stress free environment & cost-effective method for healthcare professionals. “Lower Cost& Quality Product” is what healthcare professionals actually looking for and what collective provides. With outsourcing, healthcare professionals doesn’t have to worry about the training and recruitment expenses and will get access to more skilled labor at very low cost.

Why Growth Plus?

Growth Plus provides best practices followed in the healthcare industry, with new technology, improved workflows, improved methodologies and leadership team; having experience in multiple specialty within healthcare industry, offers a transformation model thriving for continuous improvement. Hence helping clients to generate revenues seamlessly.

What makes Growth Plus Unique?

Our priority is HIPAA & compliance and our team has extensive knowledge and skill in utilizing many different PMS platforms, such as AdvanceMD, NextGen, AllScripts, eClinicalWorks, Centricity etc. and can adopt to your practice management software.
Our expertise in many different provider specialties, such as Multi Specialty groups, Post Acute Wound Care, Urology, Pediatric Cardiology, Cardiology, Ophthalmology etc.
Our business intelligence team will provide a dashboard on a daily / weekly / Monthly basis to monitor practice performance and shortfalls.
Superior Quality Control to ensure smooth workflow
Complete awareness of industry changes & updates, CPT & ICD changes, Payor Guideline changes & Updates etc.
Moving forward with technology such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to create efficient and accurate process flows.

The revenue process
It all starts with billable charges and ends with service reviews
Collect information before patient arrival
Collect subsequent patient information during registration
Charge capture
Render medical services into billable charges
Utilization review
Health insurance companies review a request for medical treatment
Properly code diagnose and procedures
Claim Submission
Submit claims of billable fees to insurance companies
Remittance processing
Apply / reject payments after they have been received
Insurance follow-up
Collect payments from third party insurers
Patient collections
Determine patient balances and collect payments
Our Services
Verification of coverage and benefits
Claims submission & work rejections
Accounts receivable and management
Pre-Authorization & referral
Posting payments and Reconciliations
Patient statements & patient services
Demographic & Charge entry
Real time Denial Management
Reporting & Analytics
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