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Every day, Every minute, Every second our supply chain specialists remain committed to you—our customers, as we accelerate global trade by delivering the products and goods on time that drives the market. With us by your side, you can gain control over costs, minimize risks, and constantly improve outcomes. We can help you exceed your customer expectations, grow your business, and lead to success thus efficiently making it ‘One world, One office’ for you.

Our Services

Sea Freight

We as First Continental Logistics plays a significant role in both FCL and LCL with a wide range of specialized requirements to service you as per to your needs leading to minimize your business transportation time and costs. Ocean freight is one of the most requested shipping services used by individuals as well as companies that wish to ship internationally. It represents the most economical way to overcome long distances.

Air Freight

In a world of time asks for money, we focus on fast delivering your shipment no matter how cost it takes. At a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but we FCL always fast forwarding to your destination safely.

To consistently meet your freight deadlines, you need a global air freight provider that serves major business centers throughout the world. We combine best service providers with extensive global network and a broad global air freight portfolio – all designed to deliver on your tailor-made supply chain needs.


Regulatory matters do not remain unchanged as these are compounded by many factors including security concerns. Fast custom clearance and conformity to regulations is vital to the trades of customers. Time matters and speed is an important critical success factor. Who can handle? The answer is with those who have experience, expertise and resources. We are at your doorstep and on call for freight forwarding, cargo handling and transferring cargo beyond borders, within borders and through borders with express customs clearance capability.

Perishables and reefer logistics

Driving our goal of innovation, we offer a custom-made logistics package to our customers by providing a single source for all their warehousing, packing and shipping needs.

Our team of experts in Perishable Logistics help handle distribution of perishable items, taking into account the time and temperature sensitivity for the transportation of perishable goods.

Furthermore, we as FCL plays a major role in the reefer logistics worldwide and offers specialized services in handling any type of temperature controlled cargo- frozen or chilled.

We are eager to help you with our services.

Our experts who are competent and knowledgeable are ready to provide you with the best solutions!

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