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Back Office Support

Outsourcing your Back Office Support processes to Growth Plus Outsource is an advantageous move for your company as it allows you to reap the benefits of Outsourcing such as cutting costs while not compromising the quality of work and output provided.

Back Office Support Specialist consists of tasks such as Data Entry, Data Analysis, Document Processing, Application and Claim Processing, Transcription and many more.

Here in Growth Plus Outsource, we provide you with skilled, experienced and professional Back Office Support Specialists that will accommodate your company’s current needs at the fraction of a cost. We will be there for you every step of the way from Hiring, Training, On-boarding and Management of your offshore support team. No need to go through the rigorous and time consuming hiring process, no additional costs in providing employee benefits and other miscellaneous expenses, no inexperienced staff not being able to perform the tasks accurately and proficiently, no need for internal management to constantly hover over the new hire.

Which back office team functions can be outsourced?

Finance, Accounting and Payroll
Human Resources, Recruitment and Training
Workforce Management
Data Management
Personal Assistance
Procurement Management
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